First there was REV then ELATION, coming in 2016 : PARADIGM  followed by SHIFT

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What was ELATION?

great happiness and exhilaration.
Synonyms: euphoria, ecstasy, happiness, delight, joy, sharing, togetherness, dancing and twirling, joyousness, illumination, fun stuff!!

artCORE would like to thank the following ELATION sponsors


Maui Tropical Plantation
The Wisdom Center

and special thanks to Hermine Harman

If you’ve been to an artCORE event then you know we love to throw a party!  If you have then you know this was the perfect time to plug in! The ELATION event on 11/22 at The Mill House at Maui Tropical Plantation sold out at capacity.

It was celebrated both inside The Mill House and outside by the lagoon with multiple stages and unique performances all night including: live musical acts, hybrid performances, electronic dance music, dance performances, interactive multimedia displays, video art, projection mapping, and so much more!

MUSIC on Two Stages

Tram Station

Go Get Em
Gaia Golden
Free Radicals

Mill House

DJ Rob
DJ Love
Sandwich Island Bass



Shell Stage

Akari – “Musuhi”- Japanese Dance
Elated Alive – Charlie Beach
Shay and the Elation Gospel Choir
Transcendental Animal Parade


Arcane Visuals
Bent Horizon
Visual Alchemy
Faces Oasis
NBot 333
Plan B


Anaglyph Projections
Arch Angels
Bliss Bubble
Digital Photo Wall
Hlation Elation Station
Illuminated Garden
Interactive Elation Stations
Living Statue Quan Yin
The Oracle
Points of Light
Tiny World
Video Confessional
Geodesic Dome


Zen Panda

And More Surprises!!!

Elation was the second event hosted at The Mill House in our series of  celebrations building toward the elusive SHIFT event. The Mill House and MAui Tropical Plantation  has and continues to be a strong supporter of our vision.

Our next event is being planned now for later this year. PARADIGM.  It will be another limited occupancy event. The proposed venue can handle 600 participants. So once we announce the date don’t delay getting on board!

We contributed both our time and a portion of event proceeds to the Wisdom Center for Autism in Haiku. We are growing our ranks as well, building steam in preparation for SHIFT,  a worlds fair themed festival planned for 2017.

wisdom center logo 2



Revelation, Illumination, Elevation, ELATION

2015: shift


What is SHIFT?

SHIFT is a world-class festival envisioned to be an annual Maui destination event, the first one to be September of 2017.

Maui’s first Worlds Fair theme will feature interactive art, projection mapping, music, performance, art displays, technology installations, luminaries, speakers, demonstrations, educators, cultural performers, cultural food and unique vendors. SHIFT will also feature world class artists from Maui and abroad.

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities your contributions for both  SHIFT are 100% tax deductible and a portion of the proceeds will go directly to the Wisdom Center for children with Autism.

 Contact us at