About artCORE

Who We Are: We are a group of artists and producers that have joined together with the vision of creating space and opportunities for artists to make, experience and interact with art, music, performance and technology. With this platform we strive to inspire people to share, interact, grow and flourish. We invite all mind-expanding, new and cutting-edge presentations. And we invite the community, no matter who you are, to come participate, dress up, play and experience!

Our Credo: Party with a Purpose! We like to team up with charities, community events, non-for-profits and other good fun causes. This makes the creation process not only fun, but also directed, which brings about awareness and positive results!

Our History: All of us have been involved in art and community for most of our lives. From live music, dj-ing, film, video, fashion, performance, painting, photography, etc.

Each of us attended art school, worked in the arts and has participated in many of the art-related Maui events, yet we still desired more! There just wasn’t a place or scene on Maui for artists and art lovers to interact to level we craved… So we are making them.

Projects and Events: All though we have all worked together on many projects for the past 10 plus years, we finally jelled as artCORE in 2011 after producing the first 3 Art Mixx events at the MACC. (Abstract, Black and White and Forest) We have also worked with Malama Maui Nui Community Garden Jazz Fest, Camp Imua, TEDx Maui, Source, Mai Tai International and The Mental Health Kokua to name a few. We most enjoy putting our energy into events to help raise awareness on a community issue. We are excited to work together with The Wisdom Center for Autism for our next event Elation.


Ben YashonAbout artCORE