Who We Are


We are a 5 person collective that produces high-level art events on the island of Maui and beyond. Whether we create our own event or take an existing event to the next level we guarantee a transformative experience. artCORE specializes in: Event creation, consulting, organizing, party planning, PR, social media, interactive installations, all audio visual services, cutting edge technology, community engagement and fighting for truth and justice.

Trevor ArnholtTREVOR ARNHOLT is a film and video junkie. He shoots it, edits it, mixes it, swims in it, and eats it. He attended Columbia College Film School in Chicago where he honed in on this artform. Shortly after, he started the Undershorts Film Festival that featured film/video shorts from filmmakers all over the world. He is the head projectionist at the MACC running all the films and videos for the Maui Film Festival and hosts the “Trev’s Tractor Pull Tuesdays” on Maui’s own radio station, www.bsosradio.org.

Gabe MottGABRIEL MOTT is an artist riding the wave of the digital revolution by exploring light, color and human interaction. His paintings, sculpture, and interactive installations have been shown internationally. Before moving to Maui in 2003, he graduated with honors from UC Berkeley and worked in Silicon Valley with virtual reality. His studies with Maui color master Dick Nelson sparked an epiphany that led him to create the Colorbox, a room of color that responds to body movement.

Bennett YashonBENNETT YASHON started his multidisciplinary quest early studying Film and Photography at Columbia College. While touring with his band Mariana Trench he developed a sense of childlike awe for all aspects of technology as they relate to music and visual arts.  for the last decade he has managed large events at major venues throughout California and Hawaii and is co owner of  Event Horizon Audiovisual which is fully invested in the success of the artCORE collective.

Cudra CloverCUDRA CLOVER In her former life as Carey Arnholt aka Cudra, was an international model and TV producer. She studied at Columbia College in Chicago where she began video mixing in clubs and producing fashions shows, parties and events. She is also a large-format silk painter, multimedia artist and Exotica music DJ. To hear her show go to www.exoticahour.com – for art www.cudraclover.com – she is also co-owner of www.eventhorizonservices.com

Toben LindellTOBEN LINDELL is addicted to perspective. He is enchanted with the inexhaustible dimensions of the human condition by exploring our social fabric with multimedia arts. For him, interactive art-forms are a huge inspiration to share intrinsic experiences. His multivitamin of talents span DJing, VJing, Set design, Stage Carpentry, Painting, Networking (social and electronic), Graphic Design, Silk Screening, Kitten Juggling, and shadow catcher. Toben Lindell, has been passionately seeking the ultra for almost two decades. For Toben, every gig is a cauldron of consciousness that continues to amuse.

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